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Drilling equipment / Water well rigs / SEGOQUI 21

Drilling machines to bore water wells using direct circulation system, or reverse circulation, down hole hammer or mud drilling on both systems.

A range of models to reach down to 2.000 meters of depth, mounted on truck, crawler or low bodies.

There are different models as required by the costumer and the type of rocks in the territory to cover.

  - It is possible to install on board air compressor or mud pump, or both.
  - Also drillrod automatic charger.
  - Also drillrod store, water tank, etc


Purpose: DTH hammer and direct circulation.
450 m depth with ø350mm.
Power: 150 kw (200 H.P) at 1.800 r.p.m.
Max. Rotary torque: 2.200 kg x m.
Pull up: 24.000 kg.
Main hoist:
36.000 kg.
Total pull up: 50.000 kg (cylinder and hoist).
Push down: 12.000 kg.
Max. r.p.m. rotary: 120 r.p.m.
Rotary head: With 3 speeds.
Tower table:
Hydraulic with 320 mm ID.
Drill rods: Ø114mm, ø140mm of 3 m long.
Rod magazine: 150 m in the rig.
Mounting: Truck 6x6 or 6x4 with M.M.A. of 26.000 kg.
Aux. Hoist: 3.000 kg line pull.
Welding group 300 A.
Foam pump.