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Drilling equipment / Geothecnics and micropiles / SEGOQUI 05

Drilling rigs designed for geotechnic work, rock mechanics and mining, core sampling, penetra-meter SPT probes, with widia crown bits or diamond concret crown bits.

There are several models mounted on crawler tracks, or trucks for drilling depths down to 300 meters.

Different mountings, as per customer priorities or type of rock to drill: mud pump, wire-line hoist, DTH kit, small auger etc.


Purpose: Geotechnic and Micropiles.
Power: 57 kw (78 H.P). Diesel.
Max. Rot. Torque: 600 kg x m.
Pull up: 5.000 kg.
Push down: 2.500 kg.
Max. r.p.m. rotary: 800 r.p.m.
Rotary head 4 speeds with hydraulic shift.
Tower table: Dual hydraulic clamping with 153mm ID.
Drillrods: Ø50mm, ø65mm, ø76mm, ø90mm, ø114mm of 1.5m long.
Weight: 6.000 kg.
Other: Hydraulic clamp on rotary head.
SPT Penetrometer.