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Foundations and piles / Casing extractors

Casing extractors - TECHNICAL DATA

They are hydraulic clamping machines to pull out casing pile pipe or similar pipe. Pull out casing pile pipe or similar pipe. They may be coupled to the base pile machine by means of telescopic boom or they can work alone with its own hydraulic power pack.

Range (mm) Drive power Pull up force (kg) Power (kw) With oscillation
ø 400 – ø 600 Electric Diesel Base machine 180.000 55 NO
ø 800 – ø 1.000 Electric Diesel Base machine 300.000 75 NO
– ø 1.200
ø 1.500 – ø 1.800 Diesel Base machine 200.000 120 SI
ø 2.000 Diesel Base machine 300.000 185 SI
ø 2.500 Diesel Base machine 350.000 200 SI