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Drilling equipment / Geothermal rigs / SEGOQUI 07

Specially desgined for geothermal drilling work, mounted on crawler tracks, special mast support for side reach, drill rod magazine with angle control with upper and lower. Rubber obturators for detritus pick-up. High speed position and operation for bore holes of 150 m. depth and Ø165 mm.

There are two models. The lighter one is for dth hammer. The heavier one with bigger diesel power engine for rotary drilling with mud pump.


Purpose: Geotermal, anchoring and micropiles..
Power: 165 kw (200 H.P).
Max. Rot. Torque: 8000 Nmx130 RPM simultaneuously.
Pull up: 12.000 kg.
Rotary head: Variable flow hydraulic pump/motor.
Tower table: Dual hydraulic tables with 220 mm ID.
Drillrods: Ø76mm, ø90mm, ø114mm, ø90mm of 3m long.
Other: Welding group with hydraulic
Lube system for DTH Hammer
Water triplex punp 80 l/min at 100 bar
Hoist of 1.000 kg.
Module control with side position and retract.
Remote control of air valve
Lower obturator below dual table
Upper obturator on rot, head, for detritus pick-up
On bore-hole support installation
Side drill rod magazine with angle positioning