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January 2019 News


TALLERES SEGOVIA, delivers a SEGOQUI-07-F  drilling equipment, for photovoltaic work, designed exclusively for photovoltaic type drilling, to obtain high yields and productions, extremely robust and reliable. Its fundamental characteristics

  • It allows drilling in any type of terrain with diameters from 90 mm to 311 mm, using DTH hammers or tricons.
  • The equipment has a great stability, which allows to move with the vertical mast
  • It has a very robust crawler track train that allows you to easily tow compressors up to 21 bar and 21 m3 / min
  • The equipment has a water tank and water injection pump to minimize dust during hammer drilling.
  • Field tests have been carried out with productions greater than 250 drills / turn in diameter of 220 mm and 2 meters deep.



Dealers worldwide

Talleres SEGOVIA has its headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Madrid (Spain) and has an extensive international network of distributors and partners continually expanding worldwide.

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